Wildlife Sanctuary

Uttar Pradesh the most populous state of India, also famous for Taj Mahal , Uttar Pradesh covers a large part of the highly fertile and densely populated upper Gangetic plain. There are quite a few varieties of local & migratory birds forming a large part of the wild population. Uttar Pradesh is home for mammals like Tigers and rihno's and other important species in different wildlife parks and sanctuaries. The main species of wild animals found in the sanctuary are those of antelope, blue bull, wild cat, karakal, and bijju.

    Wildlife in Uttar Pradesh  
  Chandra Prabha Sanctuary Dudhwa National Park Hastinapur Sanctuary  
  Kaimoor Sanctuary Katrniaghat Sanctuary Kishanpur Sanctuary  
  Ranipur Sanctuary National Chambal Sanctuary Nawab Ganj Bird Sanctuary  
  Mahavir Swami Sanctuary      
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