Shopping in Lucknow

Lucknow is a good place to shop as the markets here cater to the needs of all kinds of people. There are many markets in Lucknow. Some of these are general markets and one can expect to find all kinds of goods in these markets. Then there are other markets which deal in or are popular for a particular type of goods. One can find shopping places in almost every locality but these generally keep things of daily use only. For good quality and branded products there are specific markets. The markets are also differentiated on the basis of the customers who visit them. The high-class people generally go to shopping areas like that of Hazratganj and Kapoorthala while other markets like Aminabad and Yayaganj are considered good for other classes of people. Lucknow is famous worldwide for the chikan work. One can find chikan shops in almost all the markets but Chowk is the main wholesale market of this industry.

The main shopping areas in the city are Hazratganj, Janpath,Aminabad, Chowk.
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