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Allahabad is the place of importance in the Hindu religion. It is a city which has the mixed culture of Hindus, Muslims, Jains and Christans.The majestic fort built by Emperor Akbar on the banks of the Yamuna near the confluence is matchless in its design and construction. The antiquity of the place relates to sangam the confluence of the scared waters of the Ganga, the Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati.

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Location : Uttar Pradesh State, India.
Distance from National Capital : 643km from Delhi, 220km from Lucknow, 140km from Varanasi
Altitude: 98m
Area: 63.07 Sq. km.
Population: 1 million (1981).
Language: Hindi, Urdu, English
Temperature: Min 5oC, max 48oC
Rainfall: Average yearly 20 mm.


Cottons, (Winter): Woollens
Country Code (India): 211007.
STD code: ++91 532

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